About Us

Cultural and artistic association „Anka Ošpuh“ was founded in 1976 by 22 women from Ludbreg and its surroundings with the aim of preserving our traditional heritage and our various customs.

The association started working as a folklore group and it was later joined by a tambouritza orchestra which accompanied the folklore group. Srama group and a modern dance group followed. The association has been working continuously ever since 1976. Today it has around 180 members, mostly children, teenagers and adolescents, who are organized in 11 interest groups: Senior folklore group, tambouritza orchestra „Pajdaši“, two junior folklore groups, 5 modern dance groups, female choir „Pajdašice“ and drama group „Kešneri“.

Status, activities and aims of the Association

Cultural and artistic Association „Anka Ošpuh“ is apolitical, non-governmental and non-profit organisation where racial, gender, ethnical, religious, social and political discrimination as well as human rights violations and human freedom violations are not tolerated.  

General aims of the Association are fostering, development and promotion of culture, preservation of ethnic and traditional heritage of Croatia, Varaždin county, and wider Ludbreg area, preservation and promotion of traditional old and modern dances, traditional music, choir singing, on-stage theatrical performances and all other artistic forms in the field of cultural and artistic amateurism. 

The aims of the Association are fulfilled through various activities organized by citizens who engage in music and dance, who wish to preserve cultural and traditional heritage of our region and who perform

music, dances and plays written and choreographed by Croatian and foreign well known and less known authors in various concerts and festivals, through the promotion of cultural and artistic repertoire of the Association, organisation of and participation in various cultural manifestations and through engaging in various cultural projects.